Protocol Tokenomics

Tokenik is built on a sustainable economic model

Backed by Demand, Utility and a Sustainable Income!
The Tokenik Ecosystem is built on top of 2 tokens, NIK and RNIK, both with a strong demand and utility, backed by the sustainable economics powered by Tokenik DeFi DApps.

The Tokenik protocol also revolves around the ability to provide high earnings to its liquidity providers through an improved swap price algorithm, being a liquidity provider on Tokenik becoming the best investment opportunity when compared with other DEXs.

NIK & RNIK Tokens

Strong demand and utility

Tokenik DeFi DApps

Sustainable economics

Best investment

Being a liquidity provider

A protocol built for liquidity providers

Earn up to 70x more
in liquid trading fees

Say goodbye to impermanent loss worries!
Tokenik's new swap price algorithm ensures liquidity providers are rewarded with trading fees like never before. The fees are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn anytime and earned in both of the swapped tokens on every single trade; the times liquidity providers were compensated only with the least appreciating asset are long time gone with Tokenik!
On top of that, liquidity providers are rewarded with up to 32% (96% APY) of their liquidity value in RNIK trading rewards, all paid upfront!

Earn fees up to 70x higher

Proprietary swap price algorithm

Liquid trading fees

Paid in both tokens

Up to 32% in RNIK rewards

Rewards paid upfront

Tokenik Protocol: Powered by 2 Tokens

Strong demand and utility

NIK is Tokenik Governance Token. Buying NIK represents an investment into the protocol and grants holders cash rewards and governance benefits.

RNIK is Tokenik Reward Token. RNIK comes with a great utility inside all of Tokenik ecosystem, most important being to allow users to cut down on trading fees.

Together, the two tokens make the Tokenik ecosystem stronger as they back each other along all of Tokenik DeFi DApps.

Discover the NIK Governance Token

Hold NIK to earn USDC & RNIK daily

NIK is Tonenik's governance token and is the most rewarding asset a user could hold!
Up to 50% of the fees the Tokenik ecosystem receives are being distributed to NIK token holders. The fees are being distributed daily and can be withdrawn as liquid USDC during Tokenik v1 and as liquid RNIK once Tokenik v2 launches.

100M maximum total supply

Fix number of tokens across all chains

Balanced Token Allocation

16% Public IDO

Support RNIK

Buyback RNIK on Tokenik v2

NIK Token Allocation

The NIK token follows a carefully balanced distribution plan that ensures a maximum growth and stability for the Tokenik ecosystem, the majority of the tokens being also vested over a 12 months period.

The NIK token has a fixed maximum supply of 100M tokens with the following allocations.
The IDO sale price will be based on a fair auction model, with the price ranging between $0.20 to $0.40
The Launch (TGE) price is: 1 NIK = $0.50

NIK IDO Launch Date

Public IDO

Allocation: 16%

Public IDO consists of NIK tokens sold through launchpads and Tokenik launch campaign.


Private Round

Allocation: 10%

Private investors allocation.


Seed Round

Allocation: 10%

Seed fund allocation.


Core Contributors

Allocation: 20%

Management team behind Tokenik development.



Allocation: 20%

Marketing, advertising and mining rewards.



Allocation: 3%

Funds reserved for DEX and CEX liquidity.


Ecosystem Fund

Allocation: 20%

Funds reserved for future ecosystem development needs.



Allocation: 1%

Funds reserved for advisors.


Discover the RNIK Trading Rewards

Get rewarded for every token swap

Tokenik appreciates and rewards its platform users the most!
We, here at Tokenik, proud ourselves with ensuring a fair RNIK token distribution. For this reason, Tokenik v1 will focus on the RNIK Trading Rewards distribution and accumulation phase, and with the launch of Tokenik v2 these RNIK trading rewards will be converted and minted 1:1 into actual RNIK tokens.

As a strong support, starting with Tokenik v2, USDC rewards NIK holders receive get turned into RNIK rewards that come 100% from market bought-backs, the token becoming deflationary.

Fix total supply

Locked at Tokenik v2 launch

Deflationary token

RNIK burned when used

RNIK buybacks

On Tokenik v2 launch


Stake trading rewards for even higher yield

Tokenik Marketing

Get rewarded for marketing and helping Tokenik grow


Earn 1% trading rewards when swapping tokens

Ecosystem Activities

Margin trading, Portfolio Rebalancing, NFT Marketplace

Add Liquidity

Earn trading rewards by adding liquidity to your favorite pairs

Partner Grant Program

Get rewarded for getting your token to join Tokenik

Sustained by a strong ecosystem income

Growing protocol of DeFi DApps

Tokenik is a growing protocol of DeFI DApps. Each DApp on its own being able to generate ecosystem fees that support the NIK and RNIK tokens.

a growing protocol of

DeFI DApps

Tokenik DEX

Swap & Earn Tokens

Tokenik Staking

Stake tokens and rewards

Tokenik Leverage Trading

Trade tokens with up to 100x leverage

Tokenik Portfolio Rebalancing

Automate your portfolio rebalancing strategy

Tokenik Limit Orders

Place buy & sell limit orders

Tokenik NFT Escrow

Buy and Sell NFTs securely

Tokenik Trading Rewards

Earn & Spend inside Tokenik Ecosystem

Tokenik Bridge

Transfer tokens cross-chain

Tokenik Lending

Borrow & lend cryptocurrencies

Tokenik Options Trading

Crypto Options Trading

Fees distribution


Liquidity Providers

50% of the generated fees are being distributed to liquidity providers.


NIK Holders

25% of the fees generated on approved pairs are being distributed to NIK token holders.


Tokenik Labs

25% of the generated fees are being distributed to Tokenik Labs.