Earn RNIK Trading Rewards

Get rewarded for every token swap

Tokenik appreciates and rewards its platform users the most!
Earn 1% of the dollar trading value back in RNIK trading rewards on all qualifying swaps. The RNIK rewards are being instantly paid to your Tokenik rewards wallet balance. Use them as discounts on future swaps, stake them to increase the amount of your rewards, or (everyone's favorite) keep on accumulating more to be converted 1:1 into RNIK tokens on Tokenik v2 launch.

1% trading reward

Paid on every qualified trade

Stake your rewards

Earn high APY staking

Convert 1:1 into RNIK

On Tokenik v2 launch

paid on every trade

Earn trading rewards

Users will earn 1% of the dollar trading value back in RNIK trading rewards. Every time a swap is made on a pair that was marked as qualified, 1% will be paid back in the user's Tokenik rewards wallet balance, available on the Tokenik platform.

Every RNIK reward token earned has the equivalent value of $1.

What are the qualified pairs? All the pairs that have at least 1 stablecoin as one of the tokens in the pair and have been marked as qualifying by Tokenik management. This ensures the trading rewards are only distributed to trustworthy and verified projects. You'll recognize these pairs by the qualification icon displayed next to the pair.

On your next swap you can use the rewards to cut down on the trading fees you have to pay, or you can use them as per the other use cases described below.

earn high staking APY

Stake your rewards

Users can stake their trading rewards and enjoy earning a passive high yield, increasing their trading rewards even more. Enjoy APYs as high as 20% for staking your trading rewards.

All the earned interest is being credited daily to your Tokenik rewards wallet.

on Tokenik v2 launch

Convert 1:1 into RNIK

With the launch of Tokenik v2, our accumulation and distribution phase for the trading rewards ends as per Tokenik v1 schedule and users can convert their accumulated trading rewards into actual ERC-20 RNIK tokens.

Trading rewards will be exchanged into ERC-20 RNIK tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Ex: if you held $100 worth of trading rewards (100 RNIK rewards) you will receive $100 worth of RNIK tokens at launch price.

Users will be able to withdraw their tokens to their crypto wallets and trade the RNIK token at Tokenik v2 launch.

Trading Rewards Distribution & Accumulation Phase

Tokenik v1 primary focus is the growth of the platform and its userbase. For this reason, instead of choosing the somewhat non-transparent way of directly distributing all of the RNIK token supply to preselected addresses (users of a selected wallet, service, or chain) we choose to actually take a more fair approach through the use of the Tokenik trading rewards who precede the distribution of the actual RNIK tokens.

What this means is that during Tokenik v1, all the RNIK trading rewards only exist on your rewards wallet balance, inside Tokenik ecosystem. They aren't being minted as an actual ERC-20 token, meaning they won't be visible on your cryptocurrency wallet until Tokenik v2 launches and you are allowed to convert the rewards into actual RNIK tokens.

This allows Tokenik to ensure the users who help Tokenik grow, be it a user, a liquidity provider, or a project, can do it and get fairly rewarded back afterwords.

At the same time we wanted to make sure the trading rewards still maintain a use within our ecosystem until the switch to Tokenik v2 happens. As such, users are already able to make use of their trading rewards before they get exchanged to actual RNIK tokens. And they are able to do so without affecting the trading rewards dollar value. 1 RNIK trading reward will always be valued at the fixed rate of $1.

However, the foremost usecase of the trading rewards during v1 is to be accumulated.

Once Tokenik v2 is being launched, all the trading rewards will be converted into actual RNIK tokens at a 1:1 value, the total number of trading rewards distributed at that point representing the RNIK token total supply.

Swap & accumulate

Tokenik is paying you 3.3x times more than the fees you pay back in trading rewards. For every 0.3% swap fee paid, you end up receiving 1% as trading rewards.

Stake & grow your rewards

With APYs as high as 20%, the staking rewards you receive will give you even a higher yield.

Redeem RNIK tokens

Once Tokenik v2 launches users will be able to mint their RNIK trading rewards as actual ERC-20 tokens.

Earn more RNIK Trading Rewards

Besides swapping token, interacting with anything and everything inside the Tokenik Ecosystem will also earn you RNIK trading rewards.


Stake trading rewards for even higher yield

Tokenik Marketing

Get rewarded for marketing and helping Tokenik grow


Earn 1% trading rewards when swapping tokens

Ecosystem Activities

Margin trading, Portfolio Rebalancing, NFT Marketplace

Add Liquidity

Earn trading rewards by adding liquidity to your favorite pairs

Partner Grant Program

Get rewarded for getting your token to join Tokenik