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From marketing and helping your project launch, to having it listed on Tokenik and grow its pair liquidity pool, we can help you on every step along the way.
Not only as a Partner Project you'll get to enjoy higher trading fees, get to increase your liquidity pool through our LP Staking Farms, but you can also claim reserved Partner Project fees once you are a member. Through the Rewards Grant Program projects can also access between $20,000 to $50,000 in RNIK trading rewards.

Project Owner fees

earn reserved trading fees

LP Staking Farms

High APY RNIK emissions

Receive up to $50K

in RNIK trading rewards

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We welcome all projects

If you are already running a crypto project or planning to launch one, we look forward to welcoming you to Tokenik. Regardless of your project size, we are equally interested to having you join and work together.

Tokenik is a different kind of DEX. A DEX that favours small/medium size projects above all. The Tokenik protocol through its proprietary swap price algorithm ensures that the highest earnings are being produced by the projects that need them the most. With us you don't need incredibly high amounts in the liquidity pool or out of the normal trading volumes to generate very high yields.

Once you've joined our Partner Program, we'll be working together to help your project grow: marketing campaigns, liquidity growth management, getting users and building connections, are just some of the areas we'll be working together.

High APY RNIK & Tokens rewards

LP Staking Farms

As part of our Partner Program, one of the key focuses is to help your project grow its liquidity pair. Through our LP Staking Farms we can offer your project free RNIK emissions with high APYs in order to attract liquidity providers.

As a project, you can also further incentivize users to provide liquidity by offering your project tokens as well as rewards through our LP Staking Farm.
This creates the perfect scenario liquidity providers can't miss: they earn trading fees, RNIK rewards as well as your project tokens.

Our LP Staking Farm program also has the advantage of locking the liquidity funds between 1 to 4 months, ensuring your liquidity growth is sustainable and long lasting.

no seller impact

Sell Tax support

Lately, many projects have chosen to adopt a sell tax model for their token. This however comes with both pros and cons, the most notable ones being:

-PRO: deflationary measure. Having a sell tax will allow the project to burn a percentage of the token supply on every swap. For high volume tokens, the sell tax can become a major price support as those taxes add up real quick to considerable amounts.
-CONS: most users are against sell taxes, since they don't like the idea of losing money when they plan to sell the token.

Tokenik, through its proprietary price protocol implementation becomes the only DEX to support sell taxes on tokens that have no impact whatsoever on sellers. The sell tax will maintain only the deflationary role your project needs, but create no loss for users selling the token.

Shortly put, for regular users it would be as if your token has no sell tax at all.

earn reserved trading fees

Partner Project fees

Once you've joined our Partner Program your project gets access to what we call the "Partner Project Fees Program". These fees represent a percentage of all the trading fees your project's token generates through all the trading pairs on Tokenik.

In better words this means that anytime your token is swapped, the project owner address get to receive a portion of that swap trading fees.

The Project Owner Fees Program is designed to ensure the project benefits from a sustainable and completely independent source of income.

in RNIK trading rewards

Receive up to $50K

Tokenik's Grant Partner Program allow projects to receive between $20,000 to $50,000 in RNIK rewards. In order to qualify for the grant program, projects need to pass certain basic requirements like maintaining a trading pair over a certain minimum amount as well as getting involved into cross-marketing activities.

Tokenik makes no restrictions as to how the funds can be used, however it should be noted that the trading rewards could be vested over a minimum period of 1 year.

Help your project grow with Tokenik

Tokenik Partner Program is designed to help your project grow. Together we'll go over marketing opportunities and liquidity growth management strategies we can employ to ensure your project sucess.

All of Tokenik's platform features are designed to benefit the joining projects:

Want to grow your liquidity pool? We have the incentives liquidity providers need in order to invest into your project's pool. Would you like to earn more from your liquidity? The platform generates higher than normal trading fees you can withdraw every day. Need a source that can provide you with a steady income? The Partner Project fees are specifically designed for that. Is your project in need of funding? Our Partner Grant Program can offer you a helping hand.

The first step in order to apply to our Partner Program is to fill out the form linked below. Once submitted you should expect a response back within 7 days.

Grow your liquidity pool

Increase your liquidity through Tokenik liquidity growth management

High trading fees yield

Earn high trading fees as well as project reserved fees

Join the Tokenik Grant Program

Receive between $20K to $50K in RNIK rewards

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