A protocol Built for Liquidity Providers

Earn RNIK Rewards & up To 70x more
in liquid trading fees

Say goodbye to impermanent loss worries!
Tokenik's new swap price algorithm ensures liquidity providers are rewarded with trading fees like never before. The fees are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn anytime and earned in both of the swapped tokens on every single trade; the times liquidity providers were compensated only with the least appreciating asset are long time gone with Tokenik!
On top of that, liquidity providers are rewarded with up to 32% (96% APY) of their liquidity value in RNIK trading rewards, all paid upfront!

Earn fees up to 70x higher

proprietary swap price algorithm

Liquid trading fees

paid in both tokens

Up to 32% in RNIK rewards

rewards paid upfront

proprietary swap price algorithm

Earn fees up to 70x higher

With Tokenik, liquidity providers get to earn up to 70x times more in trading fees (compared to the standard 0.3% swap fees).

Thanks to Tokenik's proprietary swap price algorithm, the protocol is able to reward liquidity providers with a value of the price impact a swap creates on the pair. For a liquidity provider this translates to earning up to 70x times more on certain trades. Shortly put, the fees earned are proportional to the swap's price impact. The higher the price impact, the higher the earnings become.

buy ETH with USDC

example swap


liquidity providers receive

USDC fee

earn token 1 fee

ETH fee

earn token 2 fee

ETH impact value

earn token 2 impact

The immediate side effect is that impermanent loss becomes less of a worry now as the increased fees ensure that it becomes a thing of the past. At Tokenik, we strongly believe being a liquidity provider should be about maximizing your investment profits, not about worrying if you'll break even or not.

paid in both tokens

Liquid trading fees

One of the downsides liquidity providers face when it comes to trading fees is that those are usually hardly tangible since your liquidity deposit isn't seprating them. Most DEXs add the trading fees back into the pairs pool, but what this actually ends up doing is making you semi-lose those earnings when the price goes against you. Recently, it's been tried to offer liquidity providers liquid rewards, but that comes with the big disadvantage of only offering the least performing asset as reward (if ETH goes up, a liquidity provider will only receive USDC).

Tokenik introduces a major change to how liquidity providers are being rewarded solving all of the above. On every trade, the fee is charged on both of the swapped tokens. On top of it, the swap price algorithm also ensures another percentage of the price impact value is added to the accrued fees for the received token. These fees are then tracked separately and are no longert part of the pairs pool allocation. The earned fees are liquid and can be withdrawn anytime, all while ensuring you are not losing any LP tokens in the process.

rewards paid upfront

Up to 32% in RNIK rewards (96% APY)

As part our fair rewards distribution comes the liquidity providers generous allocation. When adding liquidity on Tokenik's qualified pairs, besides the trading fees, liquidity providers also receive between 5% to 32% extra value in RNIK rewards.

When adding liquidity one can choose to stake his LP tokens between 1 to 4 months. Staking for 1 month will offer a 5% reward of the LP dollar value; Staking for 4 months will offer a 32% reward.

5% RNIK Bonus : 60% APY

Stake for 1 month

12% RNIK Bonus : 72% APY

Stake for 2 months

21% RNIK Bonus : 84% APY

Stake for 3 months

32% RNIK Bonus : 96% APY

Stake for 4 months

The RNIK trading rewards are being paid upfront the moment the liquidity is added and staked. The liquidity provider can also further stake those RNIK rewards, as regular uses do, for even higher yield.

High APY RNIK & Tokens rewards

LP Staking Farms

As part of our Partner Program, projects listed on Tokenik also use the opportunity to reward liquidity providers with their own token emissions, on top of the RNIK rewards Tokenik offers!

Through our LP Staking Farms , as a liquidity provider, not only you get to enjoy high trading fees and high APY RNIK emissions, but you also get to be rewarded by the project itself, receiving their token as well as a reward. (paid upfront as well!)

This creates the perfect scenario for any liquidity provider: you earn high trading fees, you earn RNIK rewards as well as the project's token! All rewards are liquid, paid upfront and can be withdrawn anytime.

Earn high yield being a liquidity provider on Tokenik

The Tokenik protocol revolves around the ability to provide high earnings to its liquidity providers through an improved swap price algorithm. This is the most important upgrade being brought to a DEX. Add to it the liquid earnings and the extra RNIK trading rewards and you'll see why being a liquidity provider on Tokenik is the best investment opportunity when compared with other DEXs.

Tokenik is the only DEX where liquidity providers get to earn liquid trading fees on both of the swapped tokens, on every single trade.

Our proprietary swap price algorithm ensures higher earnings, incomparable with what the general market is used to provide. The rewards can go as high as 70x times higher!

Tokenik marks a shift into liquidity providers pools selection. As a liquidity provider now your focus shouldn't be only the biggest pools, but the medium/small pools as well. Those pools will generate higher impact trades which translate to immediate higher earnings.

Liquidity provision now genuinely becomes a passive income solution as you can withdraw the liquid earnings anytime. Spend them, save them or compound them back into increasing your liquidity position, now the options are all yours.

Above all Tokenik also rewards liquidity providers with an up to 32% bonus paid in RNIK trading rewards! The bonus is paid upfront, the very moment you add the liquidity. You can choose to use those rewards or you can stake them, as regular users are able to, and receive an extra high yield of up to 20% APR. Once Tokenik v2 is out, all these rewards get converted into actual RNIK tokens at a 1:1 value.

Add liquidity & earn 70x times more

Thanks to Tokenik's proprietary swap price algorithm the fees earned are incomparably higher than your regular DEX.

Liquid fees & RNIK trading rewards

Withdraw your earned fees anytime on top of earning RNIK trading rewards paid upfront.

Stake & compound for even higher yield

Choose to increase your earnings by staking your LP tokens or RNIK trading rewards. Reinvest profits to compount.

Add Liquidity

Become a liquidity provider!
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