Up to 100x leverage!

Tokenik Leverage Trading

Tokenik Leverage Trading is a decentralized, non-custodial, leverage trading protocol where users can gain leveraged exposure on crypto assets.
Our synthetic leverage architecture makes Tokenik more capital efficient, allows for low trading fees and a wide range of leverages and pairs.

Up to 100x Leverage

Trade crypto with high leverage

Low Trading Fees

Pay only 0.1% in fees

100% Decentralized

non-custodial, blockchain only

DAI collateral

How does it work?

Trades are opened with DAI collateral, regardless of the trading pair. The leverage is synthetic and backed by the DAI vault. DAI is taken from the vault to pay the traders PNL (if positive) or receives DAI from trades whose PnL was negative.


Trading experience

Full custody of funds

No deposits or signup is required.

Synthetic leverage

No borrow, rollover or time fees.

High liquidity

Low price impact.

High leverage

Up to 100x

Median spot prices

Powered by Chainlink.

Competitive fees.

Pay only 0.1% in fees.

Transparent and decentralized

100% on the blockchain.

0.1% fee

Low trading fees

Our fees are applied on the collateral x leverage of your trade (= position size), just like on any leveraged trading platform.
We currently charge 0.1% of leveraged value on opening and closing, for all cryptocurrencies.

Stake and earn DAI

DAI Vault

The vault is the smart contract where the DAI from negative PnL trades goes to and where the DAI to pay out traders comes from. Anybody can stake DAI in the vault and earn DAI rewards from fees based on the platform's volume.

Stakers in the vault are rewarded highly as they bear risk associated with platform function, that is they risk wearing the loss if the vault became under collateralized and did not return to sufficient collateralization.

Tokenik trading limitations are designed to specifically ensure a low collateralization risk for DAI stakers.

Start Leverage Trading

For more information on Tokenik Leveraged Trading, please check our available Documentation or contact us!