What are NIK Tokens

NIK represents Tokenik Protocol governance token.

Holders of the NIK token are being rewarded with cash rewards and benefits for being investors into our growing protocol.

Up to 50% of the fees the Tokenik ecosystem receives are being distributed to NIK token holders. The fees are being distributed daily and can be withdrawn as liquid USDC (during v1). Once Tokenik v2 is launched, the rewards will be paid in liquid bought-back RNIK.

The NIK token is available as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum at Tokenik v1 launch.

The NIK token has a maximum total supply of 100M, out of which 25M (the highest allocation) are reserved for the Public IDO Sale.

As a NIK token holder you can now have a saying when the Tokenik management team needs your opinion on ecosystem decisions. While at the beginning the NIK token will represent only an early form of a DAO, in time the focus is to become a fully decentralized ecosystem.

For more information on the NIK token, please check https://tokenik.com/nik-token/

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