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The Tokenik team consists of dedicated talents who have built successful careers in Finance, Tech and B2B sectors before joining the crypto industry.
The team's mission is to deliver value to our users and clients by building a world class decentralized platform that benefits users, investors, and listing project parties.

Management team


Founder, Lead Dev

PeteC is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience building and running successful startups.

After having run throughout the years IT, Marketing and Real Estate ventures, for the last 4 years his main focus became blockchain technology and trading systems, joining in strategy and advisory positions for prominent blockchain DeFi projects.

PeteC provides the general vision for the Tokenik Protocol as a whole as well as lead the development team. As a software engineer and mathematician, he is the mastermind behind all of Tokenik's proprietary algorithms.


Growth & Operations Lead

McMarty has a background of 15 years + in Business Development and Customer Services. He mainly worked in the Congress, Seminar and Event industry where he managed multimillion dollar contracts. He is passionate with Customer Satisfaction and adding true value to the world.

Over the last few years he worked as a Community Manager and Core Team Member for GameFi and DeFi projects.

McMarty is leading the Growth and Operation Teams for Tokenik.

Some Guy

Front End Lead Dev

"I’m an experienced software developer with a history of building and running actual software companies in various internet industries.

I’m an extremely fast learner and have no problems jumping right into new technology stacks. Not only do I understand how to develop thorough code that is bug-free, consistently works, and exceeds expectations, I can also understand how its going to be used by the consumer.

This allows me to alleviate any pain points users may experience, before the software reaches production.
I’m a perfectionist and have a genuine passion for writing code that solves real problems. I strive to create clean, robust code that anyone can read and understand."

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