Cash Rewards and benefits for all users!

World's First
Reward Farming DEX
With Built-in DeFI DApps

The world's first Reward Farming DEX offering cash rewards and benefits for all users. TOKENIK offers a one-stop shop solution for all DEX transactions while rewarding users, projects and liquidity providers.

1% Trading reward

Paid on every trade

20% Staking APY

Annual interest paid daily

70x Higher earnings

For liquidity providers

Cash Rewards & Benefits For All Users!

For Users

Trade & Stake to Earn RNIK Trading Rewards

Trade your favorite coins on Tokenik and earn 1% back in RNIK trading rewards. Stake your RNIK trading rewards for even higher yields.

For Liquidity Providers

Earn Liquid Fees & Trading Rewards

Add liquidity to your favorite pairs and earn up to 70x times more in trading fees. Stake your LP tokens to increase your yield.

For Projects

Partner Rewards, LP Staking Farms & reserved fees

Increase your liquidity pool with our LP Staking Farms, claim project reserved fees and get funded through our Partner Program.

Best of Tokenik DEX innovations

Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our blockchain never seen before features are!

Tokenik expands the usual AMM protocol by implementing a price impact design into the swap interface. This in turn increases liquidity providers earnings by up to 70x times while drastically diminishing impermanent loss.

Price Impact

expand the AMM protocol

Tokenik is the only DEX to support tokens sell taxes that have no impact on sellers. The sell tax will maintain only the deflationary role your project needs, but create no loss for users selling the token.

Sell Tax Support - No Seller Impact

sell tax that doesn't affect sellers

At Tokenik, we value the contributions of our users, liquidity providers, and partner projects. That's why we have developed a rewards platform that fairly and transparently distributes RNIK trading rewards to all parties. Our platform is designed to incentivize active participation and support the growth of our ecosystem.

Fair Rewards Distribution

reward usage and interactions

Join Tokenik as a Partner Project and enjoy the perks of reserved trading fees, liquidity growth programs and rewards. As a Partner, your project will have tons of visibility within our community of traders. Not only that, but you'll also have access to potential funding opportunities through our Grant Program.

Dedicated Project Rewards

earn reserved trading fees

Unlike other DEXs where you get to earn only the least performing asset, Tokenik ensures liquidity providers earn both of the swapped tokens as trading fees on every swap. The fees are liquid and can be withdrawn anytime.

Liquid Trading Fees

earn both swapped tokens

Tokenik Leverage Trading is a decentralized, non-custodial, leverage trading protocol where users can gain leveraged exposure on crypto assets. The synthetic leverage architecture, backed by a DAI Vault, makes Tokenik more capital efficient, allows for low trading fees and a wide range of leverages and pairs. As part of the DAI Vault bots protection measures, TOKENIK is introducing a minimum trade duration of 1 hour and a minimum trade amount of $100.

Leverage Trading (up to 100x)

Synthetic leverage architecture

Tokenik Protocol: Powered by 2 Tokens

Discover the NIK and RNIK tokens

Discover the NIK Governance Token

Hold NIK to earn USDC & RNIK daily

NIK is Tokenik's governance token and is the most rewarding asset a user could hold!
Up to 50% of the Tokenik ecosystem's fees are being distributed to NIK token holders. The fees are distributed daily and can be withdrawn as liquid USDC during Tokenik v1 and as liquid RNIK once Tokenik v2 launches.

Fees distributed daily

Up to 50% of the generated fees

Hold NIK to earn USDC & RNIK

Withdraw earned rewards

Earn Fees From All of

A Growing Protocol of

DeFI DApps

Tokenik DEX

Swap & Earn Tokens

Tokenik Staking

Stake tokens and rewards

Tokenik Leverage Trading

Trade tokens with up to 100x leverage

Tokenik Portfolio Rebalancing

Automate your portfolio rebalancing strategy

Tokenik Limit Orders

Place buy & sell limit orders

Tokenik NFT Escrow

Buy and Sell NFTs securely

Tokenik Trading Rewards

Earn & Spend inside Tokenik Ecosystem

Tokenik Bridge

Transfer tokens cross-chain

Tokenik Lending

Borrow & lend cryptocurrencies

Tokenik Options Trading

Crypto Options Trading

Discover the RNIK Trading Rewards

Get Rewarded For Every Token Swap

Tokenik appreciates and rewards its platform users the most!
Here, at Tokenik, we pride ourselves on ensuring a fair RNIK token distribution. For this reason, Tokenik v1 will focus on the RNIK Trading Rewards distribution and accumulation phase. With the launch of Tokenik v2, these RNIK trading rewards will be converted and minted 1:1 into actual RNIK tokens.

Earn 1% of the dollar trading value back in RNIK trading rewards on all qualifying swaps. The RNIK rewards are being instantly paid to your Tokenik rewards wallet balance. Use them as discounts on future swaps, stake them to increase the number of your rewards, or (everyone's favorite) keep on accumulating more to convert 1:1 into RNIK tokens on the Tokenik v2 launch.

1% trading reward

Paid on every qualified trade

Stake your rewards

Earn high APY staking

Convert 1:1 into RNIK

On Tokenik v2 launch

Earn RNIK Trading Rewards

Interacting with anything and everything inside the Tokenik Ecosystem will earn you RNIK trading rewards.


Stake trading rewards for even higher Yield

Tokenik Marketing

Get rewarded for marketing and helping Tokenik grow


Earn 1% Trading Rewards while swapping tokens

Ecosystem Activities

Margin trading, Portfolio Rebalancing, NFT Marketplace

Add Liquidity

Earn trading rewards by adding liquidity to your favorite pairs

Partner Grant Program

Get rewarded for getting your token to join Tokenik

Product Roadmap

Stay up to date with the latest progress on product development. Started in 2022, the Tokenik project continues to innovate through an ever-increasing product roadmap.

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